This method deletes one of your droplets - this is irreversible.

droplet_delete(droplet = NULL, tag = NULL, ...)



A droplet, or something that can be coerced to a droplet by as.droplet.


(character) Name of a tag. optional


Additional options passed down to low-level API method.


if (FALSE) { drops <- droplets() drops[[1]] %>% droplet_delete() drops[[2]] %>% droplet_delete() droplet_create() %>% droplet_delete() droplet_delete("lombard") droplet_delete(12345) # Delete all droplets lapply(droplets(), droplet_delete) # delete droplets by tag ## first, create a tag, then a droplet, then tag it tag_create(name = "foobar") e <- droplet_create() tag_resource(name = "foobar", resource_id = e$id) droplets(tag = "foobar") ## then delete the droplet by tag name droplet_delete(tag = "foobar") }