Freeze powers off the droplet, snapshots to create an image, and deletes the droplet. Thaw performs the inverse: it takes an image and turns it into a running droplet.

droplet_freeze(droplet, name = droplet$name, ...)

droplet_thaw(image, ...)



A droplet, or something that can be coerced to a droplet by as.droplet.


Name for the image to be created, or to be used to create a new droplet. Defaults to name of the droplet.


For freeze, further args passed on to droplet_snapshot; thaw, args passed on to droplet_create.


Image to thaw into a droplet.


droplet_freeze accepts a droplet as first argument, and returns an image; droplet_thaw does the opposite: it accepts an image as first argument, and returns a droplet.


if (FALSE) { # freeze droplet_create(region = 'nyc3') %>% droplet_freeze() # thaw droplet_thaw(image='chiromantical-1412718795', region='nyc3') }