Attach a volume to a droplet

volume_attach(volume, droplet, region = "nyc1", ...)

volume_detach(volume, droplet, region = "nyc1", ...)

volume_resize(volume, size, region = "nyc1", ...)

volume_action(volume, actionid, ...)

volume_actions(volume, page = 1, per_page = 25, ...)



A volume, or something that can be coerced to a volume by as.volume.


A droplet, or something that can be coerced to a droplet by as.droplet.


(character) The region where the Block Storage volume will be created. When setting a region, the value should be the slug identifier for the region. When you query a Block Storage volume, the entire region object will be returned. Should not be specified with a snapshot_id. Default: nyc1


Additional options passed down to GET, POST, etc.


(integer) The size of the Block Storage volume in GiB


(integer) Optional. An action id.


Page to return. Default: 1.


Number of results per page. Default: 25.


Note that there is a way to attach a volume to or remove from a droplet by name, but we only support doing this by ID. However, as the user, all you need to do is make a volume class object via as.volume and pass it to volume_attach or volume_detach, which is pretty darn easy.


if (FALSE) { # resize a volume ## create a volume (vol1 <- volume_create('foobar', 5)) ## resize it volume_resize(vol1, 6) volume(vol1) # attach a volume to a droplet ## create a droplet (d <- droplet_create(region = "nyc1")) ## attach volume to droplet volume_attach(vol1, d) ## refresh droplet info, see volumes slot droplet(d$id) # detach a volume from a droplet (act <- volume_detach(vol1, d)) ## refresh droplet info, see volumes slot droplet(d$id) # list an action volume_action(vol1, 154689758) # list all volume actions volume_actions(volumes()[[1]]) }